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Praying Scripture

The Word of God is one of the most valuable tools we have to build a dynamic daily prayer life. It brings power, truth, and encouragement to our prayer time.


Tabernacle Prayer

In the Old Testament, the Tabernacle was the dwelling place of God, built to His specifications, where He would meet His people


The Lord's Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is often recited in churches or at religious events, but there’s so much more to this prayer. 


The Prayer of jabez

Jabez begins his prayer by asking God for His blessing. We need more of God’s blessing to be better equipped to make a difference for His Kingdom. 


Those who need God

God desires everyone to know Him. He says in His Word that He would leave the ninety-nine to go after the one who doesn’t know Him.


Warfare prayers

Prayer is not only communion with God; it is also confrontation with the enemy.

90780058_1632172243573827_88904993711964 gives you the tools to become a Light for Christ in your neighborhood. Join an ever-growing community of Christ followers who are devoted to being a Light in their neighborhoods through praying for, caring for, sharing the gospel with, and discipling their neighbors.

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